The Best Sex Doll Types

The sex doll industry has advanced a lot in recent years. There are many options to choose from if you are looking for a new companion. However, high-quality sex dolls require a substantial investment. Even if the sexual and emotional pleasure they offer fully justifies the price, you’ll have to look into the type that suits you the best.

Are you looking for a life-size sex doll or a smaller variant? Have a look at this guide to learn about the best sex doll types!

Choosing the Right Type of Sex Doll

For some people, picking the perfect type is equally as important as finding the right partner. A sex doll can significantly help those who have suffered emotional trauma and are currently incapable of entering relationships. If you suffer from low self-confidence or if you have a disability that prevents you from entering a real-life relationship, a sex doll can help in many ways.

On the other hand, if you’re simply looking for a way to fulfill your sexual fantasies, a love doll may be the perfect option. So before you order a doll, think about your reasons for getting one. For example, if you’re looking for a companion, a full-size doll will be the only solution. Conversely, if you’re only looking for sexual pleasure, a mini sex doll or a torso type will be perfect.

Realistic Sex Dolls

Realistic full-sized dolls are undoubtedly the most popular on the market. They are made from soft materials like thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) or silicone. Their design replicates a lifelike male or female to the slightest detail. That includes breast size, skin color, facial features, eye color, hair, limbs, body shape, outfits, etc. They are also called luxury dolls due to their quality and customization options.

Generally, you can find silicone sex dolls or TPE dolls whose appearance has been designed by manufacturers. But you can also instruct a producer to design one from head to toe. Some dolls can even look like your favorite pornstar, actress, movie character, etc. If you’re not concerned about budget, you could even order one that looks exactly like your partner or someone else.

Furthermore, the height of realistic dolls usually starts at five feet or more. They also contain anatomically correct limbs and holes. Usually, these dolls provide three realistic holes for anal, oral, and vaginal penetration. They are usually available from online stores, so  you can have it shipped to your doorsteps for convenience.

Torso and Mini Sex Dolls

If you aren’t prepared to invest a thousand dollars for a full-body doll, there are some alternatives. Mini dolls and torso types could be the next best option.

A torso doll is generally the same as a luxury doll. However, it doesn’t contain any limbs. This type has breasts and holes for anal or vaginal penetration. For male variants, the torso doll includes a realistic penis and testicles. Some of the more expensive types could consist of a head with realistic facial features and hair.

Furthermore, mini dolls are another type. They mostly resemble realistic dolls but with a much smaller, condensed size. While they contain limbs, a face, and lifelike sexual organs, they are only a few feet tall. Depending on the product, some may contain full-sized holes, while others will have much smaller holes. A significant advantage of the torso or mini dolls is that they are much smaller than realistic variants. They require less storage space and are easy to move during use.

Exotic Sex Dolls

Exotic dolls are for individuals who fantasize about other ethnicities and skin tones. They are perfect for those who don’t have the chance to meet partners of different ethnicities in real life. Some of the most popular toys of this kind are anime and Japanese variants. For example, they can help you fulfill an exotic domination fantasy or similar. They contain realistic features of various ethnicities like African, Chinese, Latina, Scandinavian, etc.

Additionally, exotic dolls are not only categorized by their ethnicity. There are countless types that offer realistic options that just do not exist in real life. That includes sexy fantasy characters like warriors, vampires, witches, etc. It’s even possible to find dolls that resemble lifelike monsters or aliens.

Anatomically Correct Sex Dolls

Male sex dolls are incredibly popular due to their lifelike anatomy. Both men and women can use them for pleasure.

These types of dolls contain a muscular feel that is much firmer compared to realistic female dolls. In addition, they include anatomically correct male genitalia. Their firm posture can allow for all sorts of penetration positions. These types also contain an anus for penetration. In addition, some high-end dolls include detachable penises. It’s possible to swap them out for those of different size or girth.

Additionally, anatomically correct male dolls come in multiple sizes — full, mini, or torso-only. In the latter case, the torso option is quite convenient for penetration.

And another thing to note regarding anatomically correct dolls is that most of their limbs and organs are created to replicate a real body. That includes feet, hands, breasts, and ass. It’s possible to use these body parts for sexual pleasure in addition to anatomically correct holes.

Sex Robots

Technology is advancing rapidly, and the world of sexual products is currently seeing some massive progress. That means you can find intelligent sex dolls that use AI or other technologies to replicate a real-life experience even better!

These include humanoid dolls that can talk and stimulate you mentally. In addition, robot dolls can maintain realistic body temperature. Plus, they can move their eyes or lips while conversing with you. In many cases, robot dolls have metal skeletons too. Other features of robot dolls are self-lubricating holes that can be removed for cleaning. Sex robots can cost a lot of money, but if you’re truly interested in them, the investment will pay off.

Closing Thoughts

If you’re looking for a high-quality sex doll, you should know that the process of buying one is much more complicated than when ordering regular sex toys. There are many sex doll brands and so many options that you can choose for your pleasure. As mentioned, they are quite costly but will offer you a companion that will fulfill all of your sexual fantasies! Which type did you like best? Take a look at some sex dolls today and have fun!