Why your partner deserves to be pegged?

What is pegging, and why is it so popular? Can anyone try this kink, and how does it feel? Check out our guide to pegging, and we’ll reveal why your partner deserves to be pegged!

What is pegging?

Pegging is a sexual taboo act in which the female partner uses strap-on dildos or handheld sex toys to penetrate a man’s anus. Yup — this naughty kink is all about girls fucking boys in the ass! It became a big sexual trend several years ago, and people truly went crazy for it. And that’s no surprise since this type of sexual experimentation provides physical and mental stimulation for tons of men and women.

In line with that, women are usually the in-charge of getting strap-on dildos for this kind of kink. Most women got this sex toy from the LG website, which guides them to become better as dominant. Of course, everyone can wear a strap-on and fuck their partner in the ass regardless of gender.

Still, pegging is a term used to refer to a person with a penis being penetrated by a person with a vagina. Many sex experts believe everyone should try pegging at least once to experience sex from a different perspective. 

Why is pegging such a hot thing?

Pegging switches up the traditional gender roles. It flips the supposed balance of power between the usual roles in heterosexual sex. That type of power exchange is ideal for kinky sex and BDSM. It allows women to show dominance, especially if both partners love femdom. Also, it’s one of the best kinks for submissive men.

Pegging can also feel highly stimulating for women. For instance, you could get clitoral stimulation at the base of the strap-on. Also, you could use a secondary vibrator to stimulate your pussy and clit during pegging. You can also try this kink with a double-ended dildo. Lastly, pegging is hot because it can build trust between open-minded couples.

Why your man deserves it

If you’re still confused about pegging, you should note that this sexual act can provide waves of intense pleasure for men. 

In fact, pegging can stimulate the male prostate. When fucking your man’s boy hole, you can directly target his prostate. The prostate is a walnut-like gland found inside the anal cavity. It’s a super-sensitive erogenous zone. With anal play, you can stimulate the “pleasure” nerves in the prostate. The result is an explosion of a different type of orgasm. This orgasm is much more intense compared to standard ejaculation and usually feels like a full-body eruption! 

However, while pegging is pleasurable for both sides, it could make some couples feel awkward. It’s important to mention that pegging doesn’t automatically make men gay. In fact, anal sex and anal pleasure should not be about sexual orientation. 

Our assholes are some of the best pleasure centers in our bodies! Everyone should be able to enjoy playing with them without holding back. If you want to try pegging but don’t know how to introduce it to your man, just remember that it’s a great way for both of you to have an awesome time. 

How to peg?

Beginners will need some training to get the hang of pegging. If you’ve never worn a strap-on, you will need to adjust to it. Also, you will have to get used to the motion of penetration with your hips and the rest of your body. And if your man has never attempted any anal play, you’ll have to take it slow. 

You shouldn’t surprise your guy by popping a big black dildo into his ass without his permission. You’ll need to discuss the kink with him first and even try some anal training. Anal training could be essential as it could get his booty accustomed to toys and the feeling of being stretched out by a dildo. You could also loosen up his booty with your fingers or even give him a rim job to get his ass nice and wet. 

What’s more, you’ll also need to use lots of lube. A quality lubricant will make your strap-on dildo go in much more smoothly. It will eliminate any discomfort for him. Here’s how you should proceed: 

  • Talk through it — Focus on good communication and talk to your partner about this kink openly.
  • Go slowly — Use lots of foreplay and anal training with small sex toys like butt plugs.
  • Keep clean — Your partner should clean his butt before pegging for obvious reasons. He can do this by pooping before sex, rinsing his tush out under the shower, or even using an anal douche. 
  • Keep everything silky smooth — Use lots of lube during anal training and pegging.
  • Get naughty — try pegging with other kinks like roleplay, femdom, bondage, prostate milking, etc.

What to expect when trying pegging for the first time

Obviously, if your partner refuses to try pegging, you should respect his opinion. But, if you’re both into pegging and you decide to try it, be prepared for some warning signs. 

For example, if your partner does not rinse out his booty or use an enema, you could see poop. If it freaks you out, you should try to stay calm. Alternatively, pegging could hurt if your guy is tense and if his ass has not loosened up. Remember, the anus has no natural lubrication. That’s why you need to use lots of lube along with plenty of anal training in order to fit a full-size dildo. Additionally, you should try a comfortable position like Doggy style to ease your man into it. 


If you use our tips before you try pegging, you will have a smooth and trouble-free experience. And if you’re ready to fuck your man’s ass and call him your little slut, order a strap on and get busy today! Have fun!